Welcome to Cake Chester

“ We took a hobby and turned it into a profession...”

Jules and Charlotte specialise in creating gorgeous celebration cakes and creating edible art....telling stories and fashioning playful, beautiful and personal design ideas. You will be inspired by all of our designs in the gallery.We are happy to discuss your design requirements to personalise your cake.

New to CAKE will be cupcakes, cake slices and same day celebration cakes!

Remember each cake will capture one of life's special moments.

This is the uniqueness of CAKE UK LTD.

Latest News

2020 - an unusual year

2020 - an unusual year


Welcome back folks - so with everything that's going on right now - I am temporarily closed due to the lockdown period...........I will keep you all updated on when I will open again and be able to start taking bookings for the back end of this year.............Next year however, feel free to book in advance because I think people will be re arranging occasions cancelled from this year and then there [more..]